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Need help? Here is our Frequently Asked Questions. Please take a look and if your question or problem is not listed, please feel free to Contact Us.


What is digital scrapbooking?
Digital scrapbooking is the use of a computer to create scrapbooking designs. You can make the same thing as in conventional scrapbooking, but with limitless possibilities. You can change backgrounds, colors, fonts, pictures, elements, embellishments, and more in a much simpler way. Then just print the designs to add them to your album. And the best thing is that their cost is infinitely lower than conventional scrapbooking!

In what way will this site help me for the digital scrapbooking?
In this site you will find very extensive and varied frames and layout templates pre-designed for pictures, with which you will be able to make your digital designs in a very easy way. You just have to cut and paste the pics with any graphic editing program. Or you can use Microsoft Word® or Microsoft PowerPoint®.  Even a beginner will get a professional looking result immediately.


How can I make the payment?
With your credit cards Visa, Master Card, Discovery and American Express, e-check or transfer, only through Paypal.

How does Paypal  work?
Paypal is an on-line system with a very simple payment way. Now in Paypal you don't need to open any account, just give them requested card data. They are very confident.

If I don't have a credit card, how can I pay?
You can make a money transfer directly thru Paypal to our account that in all cases is You can also pay by means of an electronic check through Paypal. Please, check the requisites and specifications for money transferring in the respective sites:

I don't want to pay through the above mentioned sites, I would prefer to make a money transfer directly to your bank account, or send you a mailing check, or give you my credit card information, so you can process directly the payment.
Sorry, without any exception, we have not implemented any other payment system and we can't process any payment outside of Paypal. We can't receive mailing checks or direct bank transfers and neither we can receive information about credit cards. All the payments have to be made through We have implemented the services of the world biggest on line payments sites to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the transactions of our users.

The payment site request me an information that I don't have, what can I do?
In this case we cannot offer any assistance. The payment site (Paypal) is absolutely independent and we don't have any inherence in their operability. You have to go directly to Paypal and make them the required consultation.

What are your conditions to refund subscription?
We do offer a 30 day guarantee with our memberships. However to protect ourselves from people who would join, download like crazy and then ask for a refund we have the following rules in place for people asking for refunds:

1) That the refund be requested in the following 30 days of making the payment,
2) That the refund be requested by the same person who made the subscription and using the same registered (login) email address.
3) That the on-line payment site through which the payment was made, allows the total or partial refund of the money.
4) That according to the automatic controls that our site takes of the users computer IP, no download of any image were made.

So we ask that you do the following before you purchase a membership.

1) Check out our preview of our downloadable files.
2) Read all concerning about image file format in this FAQ page.
3) Do not allow kids or other unauthorized family members or friends to access your credit cards or your account in paid sites. In case they made a subscription, this will not be a valid claim.


How long does my account take to be activated and let me download?
Once you have paid the amount of the subscription in Paypal, you will be brought back to our site, your account will be automatically activated and you will be able to download all the images.

In very exceptional cases, for example, if the Internet connection is interrupted or you close the window during the payment process, the Instant Payment Notification won't work, and your account won't be automatically activated. In this case, it will be manually activated. But this will happen in a very brief term, generally in less than one hour.

Should I write you an email if I have just correctly made my payment and my account was not been automatically activated?
No, we will receive the information directly from Paypal, and we will work immediately on the activation of your account. You don't have to write us.

I can´t login, what should I make?
Please click on the contact us link in the left navigation bar and fill out a contact form. We will help you get access.

HELP! Please give me some tips to make login correctly?
At the top of all our pages you will see a graphic that reads "Member Login". Please click here and you will be prompted for your username and password. Once your submit this information you will be logged in.word.

What can I do if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, you only have to go to the Member Login page, click on the link “Lost your Password”. The resulting page will provide you will instruction to get a new password.

Do I have to login every time that I want to download an image?
No, you just have to login once at the beginning of the session and then you can download all images that you want of any of the categories. For security reason and to respect the user's privacy, our site doesn't create cookies, reason why every time that you start a new session you have introduce your login and your password again.


What does a “Membership" mean?
Membership gives you access to our downloads, Forums, Tutorials, and other resources. Our membership is 29.95 a year. As long as you keep paying, you will have access to to these items.

How many times can I download images?
There is no limit of time neither of quantity, you can download all the images that you want whenever you want, without any limitation.

Do I have access to all the images with only one payment/subscription?
Yes, you have access to all the images of all categories with only a payment and only one subscription process.

When do I have to renew the subscription?
We will auto renew your membership each month via Paypal. At anytime you can cancel you membership, and we will no longer charge you. 

How much my subscription costs?
The lifetime subscription fee is only $ 29.95 a year, which will be deducted via Paypal.

Will have I access with my subscription to download the images that you add in the future?
Yes, as long as your subscription is active and you will have access to all the existent images in the site at the moment to subscribe and all those that we will add in the future. As long as you pay your monthly membership fee.


How can I subscribe?
The subscription to BWScrapbooking is very simple. Just go to the Join Now page, and just  fill the basic information that is requested after clicking on the link “Subscribe Now”. After that, make your payment via Payapl, and you will be good to go.

I registered my data some days ago, and now I do want to pay, but when registering again the site says that the e-mail already exists. What should I do?
Indeed, if you registered your data in the past, your information is already in our database and you don't have to give it again. You just have to login with the nick name and the password that you used to register.

What do you do with my registration data?
The data you give us for registration are confidential. We don't make any business with the information of our users and we only use your e-mail to keep you aware of site up wares, or incorporation of new designs or categories. For further information, please read our
Privacy Policy.

I registered my data in the past but now I want to remove them, what do I have to do?
Simply make click in the "Member Login" link
. Once you login you will have access to your profile information. Your data will be automatically removed from the database and the mail listings.


I want to know all the problems that can be presented downloading images
You will download the PNG images, and when getting a kit, or embelishment pack, a compressed .ZIP file. For the zip files, you need to have a program like Win Zip, Win Rar, Genius, etc. to decompress not only our images files, but all compressed images files in the web that have a big resolution due to its size. It is a basic program. They can be downloaded FREE from the web. Look for them in Google or Yahoo.

We always watch over the integrity of the files to repair damaged ones having some problem with the download of the images. However, If you still have problems downloading images, please take care about the following:

If the problem relies in .ZIP files format downloading, please note that for security reasons the zip files are protected by a php script. Surely in your case you are using a "download manager". We recommend you that as first step you disable your download program (i.e. Gozilla, Get Right, etc.) and try to download the files again. If everything works well, then you have to adjust your download manager settings. However, take in consideration that some of them don't access protected files, so, in case of doubt, ask to your download program technical support.

If your problem is decompressing .ZIP files, then it is a problem of the program you are using for this purpose. Check its settings. If it says that items are already downloaded and they aren't, the problem is in your PC, a .ZIP file decompressed program fault, anti virus and/or firewall blocking, downloading configuration involuntary change, or a recently miss configuration in your SIP (Internet Service Provider). Even circumstantial and actual problems with the internet connection can affect this. All of this escapes from our control.


I’m an American Online (AOL) user, and do I have problems with images downloading. What should I do?
In some cases, the users of AOL have problems to download images. America Online utilizes a compression software on any graphics which run on its network, in order to speed up the delivery of Web pages and HTML to its members. It accomplishes this by compressing images and various multimedia applications that run across the Network. AOL uses the proprietary Johnson-Grace image format, .ART. All BMP, GIF or JPG images are automatically converted into the .ART format by AOL default. An AOL member must deselect the "Use Compressed Graphics" option under their Web Preferences in order to avoid this. Once AOL users have selected not to use AOL's compressed graphics option, they must still clear out their cache in order to see a difference. In their WWW Preferences, they must set their history to "0" pages and then clear the history. Once they've done this, they must delete the files in their Temporary Internet Files folder. AOL offers the following instructions on how to accomplish this: "Holding down the "Control" key on your keyboard and simultaneously mouse-clicking on the Browser Reload icon while the browser window is active will also clear your proxy cache and display the latest data from the Website." In addition, we recommend you that once you have in your window the image that you want to download, instead of using the secondary button (right) of your mouse to safe it, make use of your browser (MS Internet Explorer) toolbar and keep the page in the place that you want of your hard disk with the command “File/Save as….” It will be saved as a HTM file, and a folder named “bwscrapbooking_files” will also be created and will contain the image in JPG format. If this information is not enough, there are many sites in Internet that guide you about the AOL images download, please, search Google.


In what format are the images presented?
All our images, frames as well as layouts and photo album printable pages, are presented in PNG format which allows transparent background.

What is PNG format and with which image edition program can I use it?
The PNG format (pronounced "PING") is the most advanced image format, it utilizes lossless compression, meaning no image data is lost when saving or viewing the image. PNG is a universal format that is recognized by all the edition graphic programs (Adobe Photoshop®, Core Photo Paint®, Paint Shop Pro®, Unload Photo Impact®, MGI Photo Suite®, Microsoft Photo Editor®, Macromedia FreeHand®, etc.) nevertheless as work on the PNG format has been progressing recently since early 1995, previous versions to that date could not recognize this format. It is important to indicate that recent versions of programs so popular as Microsoft Word® and Microsoft Power Point® recognize images in PNG format even respecting the transparent background.

What does transparent background mean?
All our embellishment images in PNG format have transparent background. This means that can be worked with any background. The transparent background is recognize for all the edition graphic programs, but some programs as Corel Photo Paint shows the transparent background as a masked area.

In what resolution are the images presented?
We present our images in 300dpi. This does make the images larger, but this allows you to use the images for printouts. If you only want to use your scrapbook pages on your computer or DVD, then you can resize them down to 96dpi.

Aren't your images just the usual clip-arts?
No, all images are unique pieces of work that you can only get at All images are offered in PNG format. Your average clip arts is only have a bit depth of 8 bits that means a very limited color scale. Also all our images are created from scratch.

How will I download the PNG images?
You will download the PNG images in a compressed file .zip file. You need to have a program like Win Zip, Win Rar, Genius, etc. to decompress not only our images files, but all images files in the web that have a big resolution due to its size. It is a basic program. They can be downloaded FREE from the web. Look for them in Google or Yahoo. They are free.

How can I learn more about PNG format?

You can learn more about PNG format in the official site:

What other uses are your images good for?
These images can be opened in all programs, so, besides using them with your favorite graphic editing programs for your pictures, scrapbooking layouts, designs, Web Pages, etc. you can also use them as background for PowerPoint® presentations, background for e-mails (Outlook Express® Stationery) and your Word® documents. Your imagination is the limit.


May I use the images for commercial uses?
Absolutely NOT. All images and graphics are only and exclusively for personal use purposes. Any kind of commercial use is not admitted. So, any commercial purpose of the designs it´s not authorized by Body Works Studio® and it is of the sole responsibility of who makes business with them.

Can I modify the images?
In the strict personal use, they can be modified total or partially without any restriction.

May I share my login and password with other people?
Absolutely NOT. All images in this site may be used only for NON-PROFIT, personal use. In consequence, it is completely forbidden to our registered users to share the login and password with other people for downloading images.

How can you detect that the login and password are being shared?
To detect this forbidden practice, our site holds the computer’s IP of its registered members. We also list your ISP. if we see your username coming from totally different locations/ISPs we will terminate your account. 

What would it happen if I share my login and password?
Any situation that makes suspect that login and password for allowing you image downloading are being shared with others, could be investigated, and could carry the subscription suspension.


Did we not answer you question here?
Please, visit the Contact Us page.

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